15th ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology

Information for speakers
Full papers: 25min (20''+5'')
Short papers: 15min (12''+3'')

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8:30 - 10:00

Registration - Coffee

10:00 - 10:25


10:25 - 12:00

Session 1: Interaction techniques

chair: Sabine Coquillart

Advantages of Velocity-Based Scaling for Distant 3D Manipulation - [Full paper]
Curtis Wilkes, Doug Bowman

Video Agent: Interactive Autonomous Agents Generated from Real-World Creatures - [Full paper]
Yoshifumi Kitamura, Rong Rong, Yoshinori Hirano, Kazuhiro Asai, and Fumio Kishino

ACTIF: An Interactor Centric Interaction Approach - [Short paper]
Nicolai Hess, Jan D.S. Wischweh, Kirsten Albrecht, Kristopher J. Blom, Steffi Beckhaus

Overcoming Eye-Hand Visibility Mismatch in 3D Pointing Selection [Short paper]
Ferran Argelaguet, Carlos Andujar, Ramon Trueba

Navidget for Immersive Virtual Environments [Short paper]
Sebastian Knödel, Martin Hachet, Pascal Guitton

12:00 - 14:00


14:00 - 15:30

Session 2: Input devices

chair: Géry Casiez

Hands-on Interaction for Desktop Virtual Reality - [Full paper]
Paul Kry, Adeline Pihuit, Adrien Bernhardt, Marie-Paule Cani

Digital Foam Interaction Techniques for 3D Modeling - [Full paper]
Ross Smith, Bruce Thomas, Wayne Piekarski

CubTile: a Multi-Touch Cubic Interface [Short paper]
Jean-Baptiste de la Rivière, Cédric Kervégant, Emmanuel Orvain, Nicolas Dittlo

A Rigid-Body Target Design Methodology for Optical Pose-Tracking Systems [Short paper]
Thomas Pintaric, Hannes Kaufmann

15:30 - 15:45


15:45 - 16:45

Demo/Poster fast forward

16:45 - 18:00

Demo/Poster session

See posters and demos

18:00 - 20:00

Welcome reception


8:30 - 9:30

Session 3: Physics and simulations

chair: Anthony Steed

GPU Techniques for Creating Visually Diverse Crowds in Real-Time - [Full paper]
Ruben Galvao, Robert Laycock, Andy Day

Haptic Simulations Based on Non-Smooth Dynamics for Rigid-Bodies - [Short paper]
Loïc Tching, Georges Dumont

A VR Framework for Interacting with Molecular Simulations - [Short paper]
Nicolas Férey, Olivier Delalande, Gilles Grasseau, Marc Baaden

9:30 - 10:00


10:00 - 11:00

Keynote 1: Ming Lin

chair: Steven Feiner

In Quest of Realism and Interactivity for Virtual Environments

See the keynote page

11:00 - 12:00

Session 4: Learning and training

chair: Yoshifumi Kitamura

SAILOR: a 3D medical simulator of loco-regional anaesthesia based on desktop virtual reality and pseudo-haptic feedback - [Short paper]
Bibin Lazar, Lécuyer Anatole, Burkhardt Jean-Marie, Delbos Alain, Bonnet Madeleine

A VR Simulator for Training and Prototyping of Telemanipulation of Nanotube - [Short paper]
Zhan Gao, Anatole Lécuyer

A Real-Time Simulator for Interventional Radiology - [Short paper]
Lindo Duratti, Fei Wang, Evren Samur, Hannes Bleuler

Scenario Sharing in a Collaborative Virtual Environment for Training - [Short paper]
Stéphanie Gerbaud, Bruno Arnaldi

12:00 - 14:00


14:00 - 15:15


Semantic Modelling for Virtual Worlds - A Novel Paradigm for Realtime Interactive Systems?

Chair: Roland Blach
Marc Cavazza, Marc Erich Latoschik, David Nahon, Anthony Steed

15:15 - 15:45


15:45 - 17:05

Session 5: Systems

chair: Bruno Raffin

An Image-Warping VR-Architecture: Design, Implementation and Applications - [Full paper]
Ferdi Smit, Robert van Liere, Bernd Froehlich

A Simple Method for Estimating the Latency of Interactive, Real-Time Graphics Simulations - [Full paper]
Anthony Steed

Radiometric compensation for a low-cost immersive projection system - [Short paper]
Julien Dehos, Eric Zeghers, Christophe Renaud, Francois Rousselle, Laurent Sarry

Using Laser Projectors for Augmented Reality - [Short paper]
Bjoern Schwerdtfeger, Daniel Pustka, Andreas Hofhauser, Gudrun Klinker

18:00 - 0:00

Banquet - Chateau Giscours

Chateau Giscours is located in the famous Margaux - Medoc wine area. [more]

The evening includes:

  • Guided tour of the barrel and vat cellars
  • Wine tasting
  • Dinner


8:30 - 9:45

Session 6: Human-calibrated interaction

chair: Anatole Lécuyer

User Boresight Calibration Precision for Large-Format Head-Up Displays - [Full paper]
Magnus Axholt, Stephen Peterson, Stephen Ellis

Analyses of Human Sensitivity to Redirected Walking - [Full paper]
Frank Steinicke, Gerd Bruder, Jason Jerald, Harald Frenz, Markus Lappe

A psychophysically calibrated controller for navigating through large environments in a limited free-walking space - [Full paper]
David Engel, Cristóbal Curio, Lili Tcheang, Betty Mohler, Heinrich H. Bülthoff

9:45 - 10:15


10:15 - 11:15

Session 7: Cognition

chair: Jean-Louis Vercher

The Effect of Self-Embodiment on Distance Perception in Immersive Virtual Environments - [Short paper]
Brian Ries, Victoria Interrante, Michael Kaeding, Lee Anderson

Use of Auditory cues for Wayfinding Assistance in Virtual Environment - Music aids Route Decision - [Short paper]
Janki Dodiya, Vassil Alexandrov

Use of virtual reality for spatial knowledge transfer: Effects of passive/active exploration mode in simple and complex routes for three different recall tasks - [Short paper]
Grégory Wallet, Hélène Sauzéon, Jérôme Rodrigues , Bernard N'Kaoua

Virtual reality as a tool for assessing episodic memory - [Short paper]
Gaën Plancher, Valérie Gyselinck, Serge Nicolas, Pascale Piolino

11:15 - 12:15

Keynote 2: Alain Berthoz

chair: Daniel Thalmann

Cognitive strategies for spatial memory of navigation. Studies combining virtual reality and brain imaging.

See the keynote page

12:15 - 14:00


14:00 - 15:25

Session 8: Video acquisition

chair: Kiyoshi Kiyokawa

Image-Based Texture Replacement Using Multiview Images - [Full paper]
Doron Tal, Ilan Shimshoni, Ayellet Tal

VirtualizeMe: Interactive Model Reconstruction From Stereo Video Streams - [Short paper]
Daniel Knoblauch, Falko Kuester

Feature Points Based Facial Animation Retargeting - [Short paper]
Ludovic Dutreve, Alexandre Meyer, Saida Bouakaz

A Novel Method Based on Color Information for Scanned Data Alignment - [Short paper]
Shen Yang, Fei Hou, Yue Qi, Xukun Shen

Segmented Gesture Recognition for Controlling Character Animation - [Short paper]
En Wei Huang, Li Chen Fu

15:25 - 15:50


15:50 - 17:15

Session 9: Augmented Reality

chair: Ernst Kruijff

Opportunistic Controls : Leveraging natural affordances as tangible user interfaces for AR - [Full paper]
Steven Henderson, Steve Feiner

Detection of Moving Objects and Cast Shadows Using a Spherical Vision Camera for Outdoor Mixed Reality - [Short paper]
Tetsuya Kakuta, Lu Boun Vinh, Rei Kawakami, Takeshi Oishi, Katsushi Ikeuchi

Napkin Sketch – Handheld Mixed Reality 3D Sketching - [Short paper]
Min Xin, Ehud Sharlin, Mario Costa Sousa

Mutual Occlusions on Table-top Displays in Mixed Reality Applications - [Short paper]
Daniel Kurz, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Haruo Takemura

Watercolor Inspired Non-Photorealistic Rendering for Augmented Reality - [Short paper]
Jiajian Chen, Greg Turk, Blair MacIntyre

17:15 - 17:30

Closing - Award

Demos - Posters


Grimage: Remote 3D Interactions
Benjamin Petit, Jean-Denis Lesage, Jean-Sébastien Franco, Edmond Boyer, Bruno Raffin

Parallel LOD for Static and Dynamic Generic Geo-Referenced Data
Simon Arvaux, Joeffrey Legaux, Sébastien Limet, Emmanuel Melin, Sophie Robert

Collaborative Exploration of 3D Scientific Data
Thierry Duval, Cédric Fleury, Bernard Nouailhas, Laurent Aguerreche

Wired Gloves for Every One
Hernando Ortega-Carrillo, Erika Martínez-Mirón

ArcheoTUI - Tangible interaction with foot pedal declutching for the virtual reassembly of fractured archeological objects
Patrick Reuter, Guillaume Rivière, Nadine Couture, Stéphanie Mahut, Nicolas Sorraing, Loïc Espinasse

* An Augmented Reality Laser Projector using Marker-less Tracking - [* Also presented as short paper]
Björn Schwerdtfeger, Andreas Hofhauser, Gudrun Klinker

* Using haptic to drive Molecular Simulation in progress with MDDriver - [* Also presented as short paper]
Nicolas Férey, Olivier Delalande, Gilles Grasseau, Marc Baaden

* SAILOR: a 3D medical simulator of loco-regional anaesthesia based on desktop virtual reality and pseudo-haptic feedback - [* Also presented as short paper]
Bibin Lazar, Lécuyer Anatole, Burkhardt Jean-Marie, Delbos Alain, Bonnet Madeleine

* A Rigid-Body Target Design Methodology for Optical Pose-Tracking Systems [* Also presented as short paper]
Thomas Pintaric, Hannes Kaufmann

* Hands-on Interaction for Desktop Virtual Reality - [* Also presented as full paper]
Paul Kry, Adeline Pihuit, Adrien Bernhardt, Marie-Paule Cani


1- A Framework for Scalable Virtual Worlds using Spatially Organized P2P Networks
Romain Cavagna, Maha Abdallah, Christian Bouville

2- Gesture Recognition In Flow based on PCA Analysis using Multiagent System
Ronan Billon, Alexis Nédélec, Jacques Tisseau

3- Clutter Aware Adaptive Projection inside Dynamic Environment
Thitirat Siriborvornratanakul, Masanori Sugimoto

4- A Hybrid Approach towards Fully Automatic 3D Marker Tracking
Matthias Weber

5- Development and Evaluation of a Virtual Reality Simulator for Training of Thyroid Gland Nodules Needle Biopsy
Ilana Souza, Claudiney Sanches-Jr, Marcia Kondo, Marcelo Zuffo

6- Software Platform For Real-Time Room Acoustic Visualization
Rami Ajaj, Lauri Savioja, Christian Jacquemin

7- On the Hybrid Aid-Localization for Outdoor Augmented Reality Applications
Imane Maissa Zendjebil, Fakhreddine Ababsa, Jean-yves Didier, Malik Mallem

8- FlowVR-VRPN: First Experiments of a VRPN/FlowVR Coupling
Sophie Robert, Sébastien Limet

9- MRPipeline: A Module based Architecture for self adaptive Mixed Reality Applications
Christian Reimann, Florian Klompmaker, Holger Santelmann

10- Hand's 3D Movement Detection with One Handheld Camera
Mingming Fan, Liang Zhang, Yuanchun Shi

11- Wind turbines landscapes: using virtual reality for the assessment of multisensory perception in motion
Jihen Jallouli, Guillaume Moreau, Ronan Querrec

12- Mutltimodal Pop-based Interaction with Virtual Mock-up: CAD Model Integration and Human Performance Evaluation
Damien Chamaret, Paul Richard

13- VRPN and Qwerk: Fast MR Device Prototyping and Testing
Camilo Perez, Pablo Figueroa

14- Multi-touch Gestural Interaction in X3D using Hidden Markov Models
Sabine Webel, Jens Keil, Michael Zoellner

15- Identification judgment of self-viewpoint movie
T. Kayahara

16- Size Estimation in Product Visualization using Augmented Reality
Alberto Gomez, Pablo Figueroa

17- SqueezeOrb: A Low-Cost Pressure-Sensitive User Input Device
Thomas Pintaric, Thomas Kment, Wolfgang Spreicer

18- Compared Distortion Effects between Real and Virtual Ophthalmic Lenses with a Simulator
Gildas Marin, Edith Terrenoire, Martha Hernandez

19- Real-Time Rendering of Solvent-Accessible Surfaces for Molecular Models
Jun Lee1, Sungjun Park, Youngjin Choi, HyungSeok Kim, Jee-In Kim

20- A Movable-screen Immersive Projection Display
Yuichi Tamura, Hiroaki Nakamuray

21- An Attempt of Real-time CG Control with Multi-touch Devices
Asako Soga, Masahito Shiba, Tetsuya Kawamoto

22- AVACHAT: A New Comic-based Chat System for Virtual Avatars
Soo-Hyun Park, Seung-Hyun Ji, Dong-Sung Ryu, Hwan-Gue Cho

23- Cross-modal information display to improve driving performance
Shinichi Onimaru, Taro Uraoka, Naoyuki Matsuzaki, Michiteru Kitazaki

24- Force Model for CAD Selection
Flavien Picon, Mehdi Ammi, Patrick Bourdot

25- Comparing Disparity Based Label Segregation in Augmented and Virtual Reality
Stephen Peterson, Magnus Axholt, Stephen Ellis

26- A Surround Interface Using the Wii Controller with Multiple Sensor Bars
Torben Schou, Henry Gardner

27- Using the Wii Balance Board as a Low-Cost VR Interaction Device
Gerwin de Haan, Eric Griffith, Frits Post

28- Alternative Online Extrinsic Calibration Techniques for Minimally Invasive Surgery
Arun Kumar Raj Voruganti, Dirk Bartz

29- VR Spray Painting for Training and Design
Jonathan Konieczny, John Heckman, Gary Meyer, Mark Manyen, Marty Rabens

30- Localization System for Large Indoor Environments Using Invisible Markers
Yusuke Nakazato, Masayuki Kanbara, Naokazu Yokoya